Milly Pickles

Milly Pickles is a content creator, para-athlete, and fitness and disability advocate. She shares her mental and physical journey with her online following of 340,000+, including documenting her life as an amputee, how she coped with the trauma of losing her right leg below the knee following an accident, and her running journey.

She has partnerships with Gymshark, Freetrain, Misfits Nutrition and more. She has previously worked with brands including Depop, LinkedIn, Pandora, Volvic, O2, Sage, Samsung, Polar and Sport England.

In 2021, Milly was featured in Cosmopolitan’s Positivity Index and heralded for ‘bringing joy this year,’ alongside high-profile individuals such as Dr Alex George and Marcus Rashford. She has also been featured as a cover star in Women’s Running Magazine, in a feature covering her rehabilitation journey and experience being a blade runner, and was highlighted in the Telegraph for her role in bringing further attention to women’s sport on social media.

CONTACT milly.pickles@outreachagency.co.uk

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