Annie Openshaw

Annie is a qualified fitness coach with a passion for holistic wellness and wellbeing. Over the last few years she has used her platform to document her personal journey to overcome a serious knee injury and share her healing process from gut health issues. Annie strives to help other people going through the same by providing an insights into her best practices to follow a balanced lifestyle through her popular ‘day in the life’ vlogs on YouTube, as well as sharing workout inspiration and tips and healthy gut-health boosting recipes. Over the last year she has focussed on growing her female-focussed online coaching business, as well as renovating her new home with her boyfriend Elliot too. She has worked with brands such as Lululemon, Living Proof and Ikea, as well as recently writing an article for Marie Claire on her comeback to fitness and restoring her gut. Her new ‘comeback series’ on Instagram has shown to be a hit to showcase her journey to heal from the inside out. Annie strives to have a positive impact on her audience through sharing real and raw content, as well as empowering women to reach their goals. She has big plans this year to collaborate with brand that share her values, write a magazine column as well as to host a retreat.

CONTACT annie.openshaw@outreachagency.co.uk

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