Alex Partridge

Alex Partridge is one of the pioneers of social media content the way we know it today. At age 21, he founded UNILAD and LADBible, two of the most popular social news and entertainment Internet companies in the world with an astonishing following of 100 million people around the globe.At 34 years old, Alex was diagnosed with ADHD and has quickly become a leading voice on social media around neurodiversity. His impassioned views on entrepreneurship and neurodiversity has quickly amassed him a following of over 350,000 people.Alex hosts the chart topping podcast, ADHD Chatter.Alex has spoken over 200 times for various brands, conferences and events including for Formula 1, BBC, Drapers, TED, Experian, The Business Show and British Airways.

CONTACT alex.partridge@outreachagency.co.uk

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