OUTREACH allows you to connect with the influencers and brands who you’ve always wanted to work with.

OUTREACH is a leading digital talent agency that brings together the world’s top influencers and brands, growing audiences by creating engaging digital campaigns. At OUTREACH we are proud to represent some of the fastest-growing digital talent out there. As a talent-first agency, we make sure that our managers’ rosters are small and our creators produce meaningful content that influences and engages audiences. Whether you’re a brand needing inspiration for your next campaign or an influencer looking to connect with new brands then we are here to help.

"We’ve been with Outreach for around a year and a half and it’s honestly been the best decision we could’ve made. It does not feel like an agency as such, it feels like a little family where Amy, Emilio and the team genuinely care about us and our want the best for our careers. We are super grateful for the opportunities Outreach have given us, and they are by far the best in the business!”

Caitlin and Leah

"Working with Emilio at Outreach is always such a pleasure. They are super organised, quick, reliable and efficient. Would highly recommend outreach agency for those wanting to work with some of the biggest names on social media"

Erini Georgiou (Universal Music)

"From day one Outreach have been extremely supportive, organised and most importantly, they believe in their talent. I have been with Outreach for over a year and I am beyond grateful for the opportunities they have given me. Outreach are so much more than getting their talent brand deals, they listen to their talent's goal and they do everything in their power to make that dream a reality. They have fantastic contacts that help to open doors creating opportunity. Outreach truly care about their talent, they listen and they strive to get the best for us."

Monica Geldart

"Where do I begin? Firstly, Outreach came highly recommended to me & I am forever grateful to those who introduced me to them. Outreach are more than just my ‘management’; they’re like my own personal growth experts! They really do want the best for you. I can, hand-on-heart, say, Outreach have turned dreams into reality. If it wasn’t for you, it’s unlikely I will be where I am today. Thank you so much! I am eternally grateful for everything you do and continue to do! I really have hit the jackpot being part of this family! A special ‘Thank You’ to Rosie, who’s put up with me for so long. You’re one in a million!"

Demi Yates

"Outreach was the first agency I ever signed with, and now having worked with them for nearly a year I genuinely couldn’t be happier. They are so professional; however, they are also massively there for me mentally and with any other aspects of my crazy life. I have built such a close and personal relationship with all my managers, making the working relationship easy and fun. I really do intend to stay with this incredible agency for the rest of my social media career. My managers Amy, Niamh and Emilio, all are such lovely people, who push every single day to get campaigns that fit my niche, and help me adapt briefs and ideas to fit my content the best. The relationship with my managers and brands is totally transparent making the relationship with this agency so much more trusting."

Megan Bolton

"I cant recommend Outreach enough! Everyone in the team is so friendly and welcoming. My manager Niamh made me feel comfortable straight away and I’m very grateful to have such a lovely manager who I can also call my friend. Outreach have already given me so many new, amazing opportunities and I can’t wait to see what the future brings. The whole team is always looking out for me and won’t hesitate to ensure that I’m always happy and getting the best experience out of social media 🧡"

Holly Laing

"I love working with Outreach, they’re so friendly, helpful and really have the best interests of their creators at their core. My manager Niamh is so supportive and is really helping me in continuing to expand my career in social media. It also helps that she’s so approachable and also so knowledgable within the field! I’m so glad that I made the decision to sign with Outreach and I can’t wait to keep working with them!"

Ellie Grady

"Joining Outreach at the start of the year was the best decision I made. The whole team are extremely supportive, friendly and so approachable! I’ve been given so many incredible opportunities and connected with my dream brands. Niamh has been amazing and so supportive around the clock, I really couldn’t ask for a better manager. I’m so grateful to be a part of the Outreach family and can’t wait to see us creators and the team grow!"

Darcey Angel

"I’ve not been with Outreach all that long & I’m genuinely blown away at the amount of support I’ve had so far. You can tell they care so much about their creators, not only with their career but well-being too. They help out wherever they can and are always active and enthusiastic. In the short time I’ve been with them I feel more on track with my career than I have ever felt & I know I have 100% made the right decision to further my career with outreach & my amazing manager Jess… I’m so excited for the future and I would recommend my management to any creator wanting to dream big!"

Lauren Saddington

"Outreach Agency have truly allowed me to become so much more than a content creator. They have allowed me to be a business woman, a collaborator and a creative. Over my time working with Outreach I have gained the crucial experience in stepping into the complex world of social media. The teams' constant acceptance and passion for each of their talent creates an open working environment for the honest exchange of ideas."


"I don't think I could have chosen a better management company to sign with than Outreach. They show such a genuine interest in the dreams of their creators and really help to achieve those goals. Everyone at Outreach is so friendly, knowledgeable and passionate. I feel like I clicked with my manager, Jess, instantly and she feels like a friend I've known for years. She's super supportive, so friendly and her management and organisation skills are amazing (which I definitely needed a lot of help with...) I'm so lucky to have Jess as my manager and am loving my experience of being with Outreach, I can't wait to see where the journey takes us all!"

Holly Barnes

"Working with OUTREACH has been nothing but a dream. Consistent communication and reassurance, meaning campaigns for myself and the brand in question are completed seamlessly. They've opened so many doors for me, and I appreciate them greatly for this."

IDKIMHAZ (Harriet Chadwick)